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01/18/09 02:38 PM #1    

Stephanie Johnson (Cheevers)

Welcome to the Mount Anthony Union High School Class Of 1974 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

10/29/11 09:11 AM #2    


Cathy Leonard (Mook)

I have a story for you. Usually I go to Starbucks for coffee right after my run in the morning. Yesterday I decided to go stright home. At around noon I still hadn't had my coffee so when I went to get my mail I decided get a cup, even though it was late. I walked into the Starbucks and I see this attractive women sitting at one of the tables there. She looked up and smiled, I went to get my coffee, turned around she smiled again, I sat down to read the newspaper. A minute or so later she came over and asked me if my name was Kevin, I said no, she explained she was meeting a potential client. All was quiet for a while when I decided to ask her what business she was in. She told me she was a "Sports Lifestyle Marketing Consultant" . I thought to myself "that's interesting" so nasked her more questions, then I asked for her business card. She didn't have one so we desided to exchange e-mail addresses. By this time she was sitting at my table and for some reason she brought up that her mother was about to turn 90, I said my dad turned 90 back in May, We talked some more and then I mentioned how I flew to Vermont for his birthday last May. Her eyes popped out, she said "I'm from Vermont, what city are you from"? Then I said what city are you from, She said "Bennington" I said thats where I'm from, then I looked at the slip of paper where
she wrote her e-mail address, it said Sandy Salem. It turns out she is Cindy Salems ( Sacred Heart) youngest sister, Sandy lives up near LA but Cindy lives about ten miles from me in Laguna Beach and their brother Greg has a practice right up the road from where I live. Small world. I thought you might enjoy that story.


12/03/13 08:35 PM #3    


Cathy Leonard (Mook)

                                          MANY WAYS OF NOURISHMENT

Let us think of the many ways of bringing nourishment into our bodies. We have many mouths to feed other than our oral cavity. Our eyes need to be nourished with color and beauty, our ears with music and the sounds of nature, our nose with natural aromas of the world, our hands and body with the touch of another and of course our heart and spirit with the love and friendship of other living beings. Many people fill their bellies and not their souls. This will not lead us where we are meant to go in health and in life. We must think to fill all of our senses to be complete.

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